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Jay - Mar 5, 2012
"Worth a visit. They beat my highest
quote by almost 50 dollars. Sold!"
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Jay ‎ – Mar 5, 2012
Worth a visit. They beat my highest quote by almost 50 dollars. Sold!
MissA ‎ – Jan 9, 2012
These guys are worth the time and professional! After having been to several stores,
and people thinking that I didn’t know what the value of what I had was, being a
girl, this place was worth looking for. They were professional, and gave me a fair
price for what I had. I walked away happy and satisfied with the deal, instead of
feeling like I had to barter and argue. That’s what mattered to me. So this is the
place!! :)
Jose V ‎ – Jan 8, 2012
These guys are legit and fair. They will give you top dollar for your GOLD and the
process is quick and safe. The store is in a safe neighborhood right next to a
restuarant and in the grocery outlet shopping center. If you have GOLD, Silver or
anything else worth $$$, don’t go anywhere else but the GOODFELLAS! Don’t be a
dummy, get the money!! Tell them mack with the platinum teeth sent you and ask for
HARB! He’ll hook you up
Raymond ‎ – Dec 21, 2011
Came here looking for some extra money for the Holidays and was suprised to see that
I got what I thought to be a very fair amount the gold I sold them.
James ‎ – Dec 13, 2011
I sold some gold jewelry to them that I didnt want. They were very professional and
helpful when it came to the testing process. I got a very good price without any
hassle. Nice place.
zonerdck ‎ – Aug 13, 2011
Very friendly down to earth people. Sold a few grams of gold to them and they gave
me a fair price. Definitely will be doing business with Harb again.
Jamin ‎ – Aug 9, 2011
I went to a couple other places before this one like the one in the mall and stuff.
But these guys were offering the most and it felt like they were being honest with
me so I sold. Would do it again.
Ben 5 ‎ – Dec 29, 2011
I’ve went to several gold shops to check out prices and this one is by far the
highest bidding one in the Bay Area. I’m glad I got the most for my gold!
Jamin P. – Feb 15, 2012
Great place to sell your gold. I wanted to sell some gold and just so happened to
stop by here first. I got a quote then went to a couple other places. Goodfellas had
the best quote from them start. Definitely worth a visit.
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